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Danish Pepper by Mark Perlson
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About the Author

Mark Perlson

Mark Perlson is the author and publisher of Danish Pepper: Jens Quistgaard’s Teak Pepper Mills. An avid collector of works by Jens Quistgaard, Mark has amassed a great amount of knowledge on JHQ, Dansk, and other related Danish designers. Over two years in the making, his is the first book on Quistgaard’s life and work. Although this is Perlson’s first book, his creative output in the past includes a number of articles for Ready Made magazine and numerous furniture design projects. He lives in San Francisco with his wife and daughter.

In his professional life, Mark Perlson is a producer in Apple's Graphic Design group, managing interactive creative and technology projects. Before moving to San Francisco to join the internet revolution, Mark managed several now-defunct record labels in New York. While directing the sales, marketing, and business affairs of the labels, he produced numerous media projects, including over one hundred CDs for the likes of Pat Metheny, DJ Spooky, and Wayne Horwitz. Mark also served as Music Supervisor for the feature length motion picture Modulations.

For more information, please visit www.perlson.com.

Danish Pepper features illustrations by Robert Chipman of Austin, Texas.

Photo by Mike Wang

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